I took a Web Copy Mastery course with Andy and he provided excellent information that was well laid out and an excellent pace for me. I loved the way he assigned homework for each session and actually followed up with each of the participants regarding their homework. The follow up was extremely helpful for those who just need that one extra boost to get them over the hump!

Carla McNeil
Carla McNeilSmall Business Social Media Manager

I’m sorry that I had to choose only three attributes from the list included in this form – to it, I would add each of these – personable, high integrity, great value, and on time. I had an outstanding collaboration with Andy while he provided services to one of my companies on an ongoing basis.

Christine Perakis
Christine PerakisCOO, General Counsel at Screen Engine, LLC

Andy is a brilliant copywriter. I employed him when I was developing my website (in Australia) and wanted a professional copy that would convey to my prospects what I was all about. Andy worked with me until I was 100% happy (not all that simple!) and has conveyed my information in a very professional yet succinct way.

Pam Stellema
Pam StellemaPrincipal Coach

Andy is a skilled writer, and helps his clients, many of them coaches, connect with the marketplace. He has an advertising background, an entrepreneurial mentality, and a generosity of spirit I much admire.

Craig Jennings
Craig JenningsHelping small businesses stop being small!

Hiring Andy to get my consulting and coaching business off the ground was the best investment of “start up” money I could have made. He constantly delivers over and above what he promises and is so easily accessible, it is like having a business partner just an email or phone call away.

Tony Lacertosa
Tony LacertosaScience communication, team building, team development

Andy is a person you can count on to follow through with expertise and sound advice. Answers email efficiently and thoroughly. I enjoyed working with him to redesign and upgrade my website.

Maureen Rabotin
Maureen RabotinExecutive Coach & Leadership Development Consultant

Andy helped me write my landing page for my new website. He totally practices what he preaches and preaches what he practices. Andy did a great job for me and I will definitely hire him again!

Gary Stamper
Gary StamperNon-Profit Director

What I like about Andy is that he really tries to get to know his client on a deep level before he even writes a word. He wants the copy to sound like it’s coming from you and not a copywriter.

Michelle Mattsen
Michelle MattsenSpeaker, Author