15 Quickest, Most Lucrative Web Copy Fixes, Part 1: The Headline

If you have a website right now and you aren’t getting any sales or you’re not getting enough contacts from it as you would like, take a look at the top of your site and really think about what people are reacting to as soon as they go there.

You only have between 5 and 10 seconds for you to make an impact on that person, because the attention span of the typical internet surfer is ultra short. They’re not going to give you much time, unless they’re coming back to your site and really want to learn about you and have a passion for who you are. Any random surfer who comes to your site is really only going to give you a few seconds of their time, so you need to pull them in immediately.

I remember I was in Paris last year with my family. There’s a little restaurant area right near the Cathedral of Notre Dame where you’re walking by restaurants and the proprietors of the restaurants, literally, pull you into the restaurant. They come out with their menus and they start speaking to you in French, trying to aggressively persuade you to eat there.

Your website’s in the same situation. You need to go out there and give them your menu and speak to them in a way that’s going to excite them enough for them to stay on a little bit longer, enough for them to get to your core message. So, you need to do that homework with your headline and come up with ways to do that.

Here’s what I’d like you to do every time you go out to your mailbox and you check your mail everyday or you open up your inbox in the morning and you see all these emails. I’d like you to be a student of marketing for a while. When you open up your mailbox, when you get your mail every day, your postal mail, your snail mail, I’d like you to look through and actually look at the junk mail you get.

Take a look through it and actually read some of those letters and look at some of the headlines in those pieces, because those are the results of years of research and education and experience of some of the highest paid direct marketing people in the world.

These big companies that send out this “junk mail” actually hire really expensive copywriters to write those letters. So, you’re actually able to look at the headlines that the top writers in the industry are using. Pretty amazing stuff.

Now, if you get emails that you end up just deleting, instead of just hitting delete on some of these emails from the big name marketing people, open them up and see how they write. And better yet, go to their websites. If they’re promoting a big product of theirs, the next time you see a big campaign, go to the sales page of that campaign and really look at it like a student of writing and take a look at how they do things.

How do they format things? How are they writing their headlines? What are they doing? These people are millionaires, so if you take a look and study it like a student would, you’ll get a lot out of that and it’ll give you a lot of ideas for headlines.

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