15 Quickest, Most Lucrative Web Copy Fixes, Part 2: List Building and Sub-Headlines

Number 2: List Building

If you have a website right now and you’re starting a newsletter, or if you have a newsletter or ezine that you’ve started and you’re not getting enough people opting in (which means giving you their name and email address in exchange for a subscription or a free gift or a special report) then that‘s a problem. If you’re not getting 30 – 50% of the people coming to your site opting in and joining your list, then there’s something wrong.

So what I’d like you to do is take a look at what you’re saying in order to convince people to subscribe to your list. And if you don’t even have anything like that right now, then you need to have it. But if you do and it says something like ‘subscribe to my newsletter’ or ‘join my mailing list’ or something to that effect, then I want you to be a little more persuasive because even though this is a free item you’re giving away (or a free subscription to your newsletter or ezine or whatever), they still do not want to give you their email address.

So, don’t assume that just because they come to your website, they’re going to automatically subscribe. And hopefully, you realize the importance of building your list to a high degree because the more people on your mailing list, the more chances you’re going to have of selling products and getting clients and doing joint ventures and other marketing activities

Number 3: Sub-Headlines

Sub-headlines are mechanisms for keeping the flow of your copy going throughout the page. So, whether it’s a sales page or if you have a full blown 4 or 5 page website, have more additional headlines throughout the text because if you have nothing but text andit’s all the same font, people are going to just start staring at the text. They’re not going to be riveted to the point where you’re going to be building excitement.

Remember what I said before about people’s attention spans. You might have been fortunate enough to pull them in with your headline text, but then after the 1st couple of paragraphs you’ll need to pull them in again because people might be a little starting to develop a loss of enthusiasm. So you should use sub-headlines on a regular basis, depending how long your page is.

Think about the most powerful statement in any one paragraph that you’re doing, something that creates a benefit in the mind of your reader. Something strong, something that you feel is one of your more powerful statements, and you could actually do a shortcut and create a sub-headline out of that sentence.

Just pull it out, center it, make it bold and increase the font a little bit and there you go, you have a sub-headline. It has to make sense and flow with your copy but they really aren’t as hard as you might think.

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