5 MORE Ways to Use Testimonials

A while back I wrote a blog post about testimonials, and quickly realized we’re just scratching the surface on this highly effective client growth tool.

Most of the websites I review lack the necessary emotion to make sales, with the exception of one section: the testimonials. This is usually a treasure chest of emotional words and phrases from some of your most gratified customers. It’s a sea of authenticity that you should tap into more often.

There are the obvious places to use testimonials, like on its own page of your site, on sales pages or during product launches.
Here are a few more places you can put your testimonials to good use:

1. On your social media profiles
This one seems obvious, but I’m surprised how many people aren’t adding client success stories to their profiles. It’s a way to boost your credibility to people who are just learning about you.

2. In your emails
Put a testimonial or two below your signature in every email you send out.

3. On your optin pages
Most people don’t think to place a testimonial on their squeeze page or even in the signup box of their website’s home page, but it’s a great way to give people a comfort level before they provide you with their email address.

4. In case studies
Case studies can be a very powerful way to attract new business. If you don’t have any prepared, try contacting one of your best clients and see if they would be willing to explain in detail how you specifically helped them. You can interview them and transcribe the audio, or you can do a Skype interview with them and place the recorded video on your website.

5. On your webinars
When you have a webinar or other online training, it’s good to add success stories or accolades toward the end of the event when you’re pitching a product or service, so that the attendees can feel more confident about purchasing. If possible you may even want to get one of your satisfied clients to give a live testimonial during the call.

Bottom line: get creative about where to place your testimonials. A good rule of thumb is to have them front and center wherever people come in contact with your business.

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