05 Apr 2017

I Just Attended a Webinar…Now What!?

Most people attend webinars with anticipation, accompanied by a healthy dose of skepticism. They’re jaded, and for good reason. Because they know the drill.

See if this sounds familiar.

15-20 minutes of intro-fluff in the beginning,…

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01 Mar 2017

Someone Big is About to Promote You: What Do You Do?

I’ll never forget The Call.

It came out of the blue from a huge name in the coaching industry. He was looking for a free product to promote to his massive, targeted list of coaches,…

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23 Feb 2017

Pain, Pleasure, Profit: How to Tap Into Your Prospect’s Raw Emotions

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

You go to a seminar or attend an online program about writing copy for your website and you hear the speaker say, “What keeps them up at…

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11 Jan 2017

Take Off the Mask and Watch What Happens

It’s ironic, that in this age of social media where people seem to be revealing their inner-most thoughts, feelings and behaviors to “friends” who are really just virtual strangers, that consumers are searching for…

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