How to Use Testimonials

Let’s begin with the meaning of the word testimonial, “a favorable report on the qualities and virtues of somebody or something”. I’m certain you’ve come across many testimonials online so you should have a clear understanding of what the word means. I’d like to help you understand how a testimonial should be used in writing web content that gives tribute to the services and products you’re promoting.

A headline testimonial must talk about the benefits and it has to be strong. Take a quick look at your favorite book for example. Is there a chapter headline that captures you? Does it bring forth an emotion? If so, model your headlines in the same manner.

All too often we tuck away our favorite client testimonials away on a site testimonial page instead of headlining it. Don’t hide it! Put it somewhere on your homepage, in a box format, or even in a rolling testimonial widget.

Sample Headlines

  1. I used apple cider vinegar and it cured me of my… In 30, days, I was cured after I used it.
  2. Expert advice from a true professional.

Consider linking back to the person who left you the testimonial to build creditability. This is a great opportunity to show off your work. Say, if a past client had you write copy for his site and he was impressed with how you touched his target market, by linking his testimonial back to his website you are validating your abilities.

Besides using a testimonial headliner as a promotional tool, try telling a success story. Your own story would be an excellent beginning. Tell the reader about what happened in your life that brought you upon this career choice. Something like..

“It all began when I tried apple cider vinegar for the first time and things started changing almost overnight.”

A golden rule to follow when adding testimonials is to never lie or give kudos to yourself that are false or make up a person. If you want to use a client’s testimonial and they say no, ask if you can use their initials instead of their full name. But never ever create fake statements or add photos of people you pull off other sites. You would be surprised how many savvy internet users there are out there that could easily spot a liar.

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