I Just Attended a Webinar…Now What!?

Most people attend webinars with anticipation, accompanied by a healthy dose of skepticism. They’re jaded, and for good reason. Because they know the drill.

See if this sounds familiar.

15-20 minutes of intro-fluff in the beginning, the old welcome spiel, the “here’s what we’ll cover” mumbo jumbo, and the obligatory “why you should listen to me” stuff.

It’s usually not until 20-25 minutes into the session that you get any content you can actually use.

Now, when the content does finally arrive, you need to be ready, because it’s usually crammed in and quickly followed by a 15-20 minute sales pitch.

So here are 5 ways to get the most out of your next webinar.

1. Take copious notes in a way that has a certain priority to them. Don’t just jot things down non-stop. Prioritize each note you take while you are taking them, so you don’t go back to them a week later wondering what the notes meant. I know my own shorthand leaves a lot to be desired.

2. Take screen shots of some of the slides. This way you don’t have to worry about taking down every last detail. Most people are so overwhelmed from a quality webinar that they end up doing little or nothing with the information, so this will help.

3. Follow up with the presenter on social media. Compliment them on the content in one of their Facebook ads that promote the event (if they deserve it) and even interact with them via Messenger or email, so you can get your foot in the door with them for a possible joint venture in the future.

4. Attend the live call whenever possible. Some live webinars reward the people who show up in real time, and you can take advantage of the live interaction with other attendees, and of course the host, who is usually more than happy to answer questions at the end—something you can’t do on a replay. Plus, if you’re anything like me you probably don’t make a point of watching a webinar replay. It’s just not the same experience.

5. Take action on what you learn. This seems obvious but the vast majority of people never act on the content, or end up buying the product at the end and never act on that either. Don’t be like most people. Learn and apply the material.

Also, if you do your own webinars, pay attention to the process the host uses. What is their funnel like? How many promotions did you receive via email before and after the event? Was it too much, not enough or just right? Was the copy effective? What would you do differently? Attend the call as a student of marketing and you’ll be amazed at what you learn.

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