Pain, Pleasure, Profit: How to Tap Into Your Prospect’s Raw Emotions

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

You go to a seminar or attend an online program about writing copy for your website and you hear the speaker say, “What keeps them up at night?” when referring to your target audience.

It’s a common exercise to tap into the pain points of your ideal customer.

What are they going through? What emotions are they dealing with that are so great that they are literally losing sleep?

Then, the next day, through bloodshot eyes, they resume their search for a solution.

If that solution is you, then you need to make sure they relive those pain points on your website, in your sales copy and in your emails.

Go on, bring up that pain in all its gory detail so they will know that you “get” them. Talk about the ongoing struggles, the frustration, the anxiety and even the hopelessness of their situation.

Don’t dwell on it too long, just enough to show that you understand what they are going through, and you are uniquely qualified to help them.

Then, once the pain is established, you introduce yourself as the conduit for bringing some much needed resolution, the pleasure, back into their lives. Be just as detailed here, with all the positive emotions that will be generated as a result of their work with you.

Let them see, in their mind’s eye, the feelings of relief, comfort and ease that will make a grand entrance after they boldly move forward with your product, program or service. Don’t make promises that you can’t deliver, just be realistic and back it up with proof: case studies, testimonials or statistics.

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface here, but it is this pain/pleasure principle that will result in more profits once you have it mastered.

So I invite you to take a deeper dive into the abyss of your prospect’s pain points, so you can then present yourself as the vehicle to the pleasure they seek.

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