Take Off the Mask and Watch What Happens

It’s ironic, that in this age of social media where people seem to be revealing their inner-most thoughts, feelings and behaviors to “friends” who are really just virtual strangers, that consumers are searching for real transparency more than ever before.

When I visit a website, read a promotional email or attend a webinar, there’s a disconnect. I catch myself being more skeptical, more jaded and more cynical as the person on the other end of the screen spends way too much time with the same old “proven” formulas for making a sale.

It’s all just too shiny, too polished. And don’t get me wrong, the product or service might very well be legit, high quality in fact. But I’ve seen it all before. The smoke and mirrors, the sales clichés, which make me want to go back to my snail mailbox, read a good old letter from Publisher’s Clearing House and reminisce about the old days.

This is why you, as an entrepreneur, must embrace your own transparency, take off the mask of “proven formulas” and come clean about who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you, and only you, are uniquely qualified to help your prospect.

This can happen on your About page of your website, in your email sequences, in your blog and social media posts, and most importantly, in your sales pages and presentations.

People want to buy from those who can transcend the din of social media overcrowding. They want a shortcut from having to walk through the swarming online marketplace of vendors with hands outstretched, constantly trying to separate consumers from their hard earned money.

You can be that shortcut, and the more open, honest and forthright you are about your intentions, your passions and your “why”, the more long term growth and prosperity you will enjoy.

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