The Client Tango: How to Elegantly Sell from Your Website

When you’re able to pre-qualify or even pre-sell your prospects directly from your website, it creates a domino effect of positive events that lead to a potentially lucrative transaction.

Consider the fact that when you bring on a new client it’s like entering into a romantic relationship, or to take it one step further, like dancing the Tango.

In this famous romantic dance the woman takes the man’s arm. He takes the first step and she follows, mirroring his motion. He moves, she moves the same way. It’s all done in an elegant synchronicity, with calm, relaxed togetherness. It’s a gentle but decisive tandem performed in perfect harmony and based on mutual trust.

This is how you should bring in clients. They follow your every move, reading your content, experiencing the emotions you bring out on your website as if they were their own emotions.

Then, when they are ready to move forward, you are right there with them, for them, with your service and product offerings that are elegantly aligned with their deepest desires. And like the Tango, it’s a relationship built on trust.

But how do you get there? How do you make your prospect dance with you? The secret lies in the words. They must exude empathy and a deep understanding of both their pain and pleasure points, walking them through their frustrations and guiding them to their ideal outcomes in a way that emphasizes your unique ability to make it happen.

There must be a constant display of benefit-laden text that touches on their challenges and your services as they relate to those challenges. The text must weave a tapestry of subtle but powerful words, including headlines, sub-headlines, transitional phrases, relevant anecdotes, persuasive language and a classy sense of urgency with your call to action. And like the Tango where every step is crucial, your website’s effectiveness will only be as good as its weakest word.

So take a look at your website and see it as a romantic dance with your ideal prospects. You might be surprised to discover some new dance steps.

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