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Website Rewrite

You will receive revised copy for all the pages of your website, to make them more compelling and persuasive, while preserving your own unique voice, message and core beliefs.

Long Form Sales Page

If you’re ready to launch your product or service to a waiting world and you want to bring in as many sales as possible, then having a professionally written sales page is a must.

I’ve written thousands of these, and I know what persuasive words, headlines, transition phrases and calls to action must be present to get you the most bang for your buck.

Product Funnel Build-Out

You will receive the following services as you build out your product funnel:

  • Optin page for webinar, autoresponder sequence or ebook
  • Sales/Landing page
  • Promotional emails
  • Video scripts

This package also includes two 1-hour phone consultations.

Membership Mentoring

Recurring revenue is every entrepreneur’s dream.

Chances are you have expertise you’d like to showcase via an inner circle, group coaching, interview program or other service that can generate a steady monthly income stream, but you’re not sure how to maximize its potential.

With Membership Mentoring, I’ll show you what to do, step by step, to get your new membership program up and running, or to get more subscribers to your existing program.

I’ve launched my own membership website and grew it to 1,500 paying members, 700 affiliates and an email list of over 10,000 within two years. I can do the same, or better, for you.

Copy Concierge

Sometimes you need an ongoing copywriter, consultant and marketing point person to help you realize your long term vision. This includes:

  • promotional emails
  • website pages
  • email sequences
  • sales pages
  • opt-in pages
  • social media messages
  • social media profiles
  • fan pages
  • direct mail
  • video scripting
  • webinar presentations
  • other marketing collateral that we deem necessary

As part of this ongoing retainer option you will also receive:

  • Two 45-60 minute calls (based on your availability) per month to strategize, brainstorm, discuss results, forecast and set goals for marketing and product development
  • Full launch support for existing and future products and services
  • Aggressive ongoing list building initiatives
  • An aggressive social media marketing program that will incorporate ongoing messages, events, content delivery and community building in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and others that we see as a good fit.

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